DiSC behavioral assessment


Message Sent – Message Received?


If you want to develop your networking skills, management style or sales approach, consider taking the DiSC profile assessment!

It builds awareness of how we best provide and receive information and evaluates how we perceive ourselves and others. DiSC is a system that provides the ability to create a common language for understanding and managing behavior in order to build better relationships with others.


The DiSC Model
DiSC captures four areas of development depending on your role / function within your area of responsibility.

  • DiSC Workplace – Individual assessment
  • DiSC Sales – Individuals performing sales role or business development function
  • DiSC Management – Individuals responsible for supervising others
  • DiSC Leadership 360 feedback – Individuals in executive roles responsiblefor managing business

The DiSC profile report will assist you in better understanding your style and provides tools / tips in how to relate with others that have different and similar styles in both personal and professional situations.

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Pamela Duda is an independent licensed user of DiSC working through an Inscapes Publishing authorized distributor.