College Fitness Program

Program Objectives

Establish Focus
Define technical skills and interpersonal strengths to uncover what makes your child unique

Create Options
Compile lists of professions and majors that fit your child’s style and career goals

Plan an Application
Understand how to make your child stand out from thousands of other applicants

Program Advantages

Student Engagement
Having a voice in the process and an investment in the outcome will motivate your child to participate fully.

Professional Guidance
With more than three decades of combined experience, we have a proven record of success. High school counselors are not trained on the college admission or career search processes.

Reduce tuition costs
If your child heads off to school with our plan, he is less likely to change majors and more likely to graduate in four years.

Intended Audience

Our services provide career planning solutions for both students and adults, and we will be offering a career fitness program as well. The college program is ideal for high school juniors who are just beginning the college application process; however, there are valuable take-aways for students of all ages.


Program Schedule




1. Students Introduction and Skills Assessment Review Completion of DiSC Professional Assessment required before session 1
2. Students Career Strategy Work with SWOT Analysis
3. Students Career and College Connection Find intersection of career goals and college major
4. Students Admission Process Discover how to best portray yourself
5. Students and Parents Putting it All Together Present assessment, college list, and essa


Program Materials

Each student will finish the program with:

  • DiSC Professional Profile Report
  • Career SWOT Analysis (strengths, weakness, opportunities, threats)
  • Preliminary list of schools
  • First draft of an essay


Program Fee

$1,000 for 5 individual sessions – customized to meet student’s specific needs