Career Fitness Program

Program Objectives

Establish Focus
Define technical skills and interpersonal strengths to uncover your personal
brand that makes you unique

Create Options
Compile lists of professions and companies that fit your style and career goals

Action Plan
Map out career search techniques and launch 30 day campaign (job search, resume writing and interviewing)

Program Advantages

Career Options
We create a non-judgmental, safe and confidential environment to allow you the opportunity to explore how your skills fit within selected professions and organizations.

Professional Guidance
With more than three decades of combined experience, we have a proven record of success. Recruiter’s loyalties lie within the hiring organization and you are merely a commodity in the job search process. We provide customized services that meet your specific situation.

Increased Confidence
Creating a realistic action plan reduces stress, provides focus and increases confidence during the search and interviewing process.

Intended Audience

Our services provide career planning solutions for those experiencing substantial changes at work, looking for a new career or those folks returning back to the work-force. The career program is ideal for people looking to learn the tools to retain their current position, explore new opportunities, create a “Plan B” or develop long-term job security.


Program Schedule




1 Introduction and Skills Assessment Review Completion of DiSC Professional Assessment required before session 1
2 Career Strategy Work with SWOT Analysis
3 Career and Industry Connection Find intersection of career goals and industries
4 Resume Writing Discover how to best portray yourself
5 Action Plan Job search tips and techniques to create a great first impression

Program Materials

Each client will finish the program with:

  • DiSC Professional Profile Report
  • Career SWOT Analysis (strengths, weakness, opportunities, threats)
  • Preliminary list of industries / companies
  • First draft of an resume
  • Action Plan Outline

Program Fee

$1,000 for 5 individual sessions – customized to meet each client’s needs